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Roller conveyors

The roller conveyors could be driven or non-driven, using for intermediated transportation of manipulation unites of cardboards, packs, materials and products placed on fixed bases (e.g. palettes, crates), as well as products without nipples on a transport area like e.g. tyres, belts, sheet profiles, etc.

Roller conveyors are designed like modular systems, what enables to combine a road according to customer´s requirements.

Line can include

  • straight section driven or non-driven,
  • curved section (30°, 45°, 90°a iné),
  • chain conveyor,
  • lifting platform,
  • scales,
  • turn–table,
  • cross sliding trolleys,
  • taking-over table straight, vertical,
  • equipment of the dimensional control,
  • specific customer´s requirements.

After the assembly of the conveyor track, inserting of sensors and control systems, it is possible to achieve the automatic system.

Standard technical parameters are as follows

  • width B = 900, 750, 450 mm
  • transported weight m = max. 1 200 kgs
  • roller´s diameter from 30 till 108 mm
  • surface treatment and other according to the customer´s requirements

Standard is painting, galvanising, rustless material or plastic rollers.